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Our Services

We offer customized programs on your TrainingPeaks account that fit your daily lifestyle to achieve your full potential in your busy life. We believe that everyone is different and we make sure that your program is unique and adapts to your physiological background and athletic history.

Private program

You will have a customized weekly training plan that will be edited during the week if needed (for any reason like travel, extra work, emergency, etc.)  


We will write you comments and questions on your workouts to ensure a better understanding of your feeling. We will text and call you to adjust the plan, review the progress, and edit workouts.


We will add notes and tips in your training plan to help you learn how much salt, carbs, and water you will need, to prepare you well for the race day.

Analyzing data 

Every week we will look into your data, Power files, Heart Rate, Pace, and RPM, to inform decisions on the right volume and intensity that fit your time and energy.

Racing strategy 

You will be contacted to discuss how to execute your race to your best potential given the factors of the race course, weather, and your own pace and effort. 


We only have one package for the all services above for $400USD per month with a minimum 6-month contract. Private session alone is $75USD per hour.

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