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Head Coach

Mohamad Alsabbagh

Building fitness and reaching high performance requires a strong inner drive. Although your main goal of exercise might be to reach a specific performance outcome, it’s actually more than that. I believe that health should be the highest priority driving any person to be active, which naturally leads to happiness. Then, as a healthy and happy person, you can strongly build fitness. This can lead to a positive feedback loop giving you a stronger inner drive to reach an even higher performance. That is why my philosophy is based on Health, Happiness, and Performance. 

Coaches have always played a strong guiding role in my life. Since 1995 I have been learning from different coaches in different cultures, where my identities as an athlete and coach were shaped. I enhanced my Triathlon coaching skills in different clubs in Montreal, Canada, such as Les Rapides, Les Antilops, Phoenix, and my swimming coaching skills at Masters swimming clubs like YMCA. I also built strong foundation teaching young children at daycares and high schools. After 8 years of coaching in Montreal, the experience continued in Ithaca, New York where I had the chance to work with Ithaca Triathlon Club and Cornell University Triathlon Team. All during those coaching experiences, I managed to compete in over 100 Triathlons, many at highest level possible among world class athletes and Olympians. 


Over the past few years, I also have been working with dozens of unique individuals to help them to plan and fit training into their busy life styles. Giving the right amount of volume and intensity at the right time is crucial, and unique from individual to individual, depending on factors such as availabilities (time and energy), stress load (work, school, family, travelling, etc), athletic history, and goals. 


From there Moendure has formed, based on over 15 years of racing and 10 years of coaching. My aim is to help any athlete who has the commitment and the belief in Health, Happiness, and Performance. 




  • National Life Saving Canada

  • Triathlon Canada level II 

  • Training Peaks level I

  • IT Diploma Canada

  • B.S Human Science (undergo) 

  • 10 years of coaching experience 

  • 15 years of athletic performance 

  • 2017 ITU Triathlon Science Conference attendee, Edmonton

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Ahmad Salama

Coach Ahmed is a multisport coordinator who is passionate helping and guiding serious athletes achieving their goals; including one of his biggest achievement, coaching the first Female Arab triathlete to qualify to Tokyo Olympics Games 2021. He started coaching in 2009, with over 10 years experience in this field including several international medals both elite and age groups athletes. He is an athlete himself which helped him to understand athletes feeling in and outside the training environment.



  • Olympian Coach

  • World Triathlon Coaching Course Level II 

  • Egyptian Olympic Academy Certified Coach

  • Former Technical Director of the Egyptian National Team.

  • Over 10 Years Coaching Experience

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